Areas of expertise

HRI is a governmental research institute focused on fluvail and coastal resources and management. HRI carries basic and applied research in the field of river and coastal hydrodynamics and transport.

River Dynamics

Within this field HRI is conducting research projects related to; optimal design of river regulation structures, river protection measures,

Coastal Dynamics

HRI conducted within this filed large number of research projects that focus on coastal shoreline protection measures, breakwater stability

infrastructure and Environmental flows

Within this filed HRI experience is mainly related to; design optimization of power plants cooling system

Water resources management

HRI has a huge experience in conducting research projects related to; detailed hydraulic design of irrigation system main elements

Modelling tools and Facilities

Our institute is one of the oldest in the Middle East and Africa to conduct research and offer consultancy services in water resources and hydraulics. We have a variety of facilities to support research projects. In HRI we can offer various research solutions matching your requirements and budget. We have a range of physical modelling laboratories, instrumentation and facilities that are equipped for Riverine, estuarine and Coastal studies.

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featured projects

Ahmed Gaweesh

Geomorphology and Environmental Flows

Near Shore Morphodynamics at Ayoun Moussa

We are addressing potential bathymetric changes at Ayoun Moussa due to the construction of a Jetty used as a causeway to...

Dam Failure and Levee Breach: Small Scale Model

Temporary landfill dams are essential for flood contingency plans. We are trying to understand different parameters causing its failure.

Alsayed Diwedar

Coastal Dynamics