The Regional Training Centre (HRI- RTC) of the Hydraulics Research Institute (HRI) has been established in 1995 as a response to, and a reflection of, regional training needs in the field of Hydraulics and River Engineering. The initiative to establish a regional training centre was taken by the Egyptian Government with the support of the Netherlands Government and technical assistance by IHE Delft. The centre offers specialized training programs at national and regional levels. Since 1996 a three month diploma course is organized annually for professionals from all Nile basin countries on “Hydraulic Engineering of River Basins”. Short courses and tailor made on different topics of large interest for the Arab, African countries and Nile basin Countries are also organized each year. The centre is highly equipped with all training facilities including; lecture rooms, computer lab, accommodation, restaurant and a social room. The Alumni trained at HRI Regional Training Centre (RTC) forms a big network of professionals from more than 20 countries.