Deltas are typically major centers of population and economy. Also, Deltas around the world are experiencing coastal land loss. Mitigation and restoration efforts are crucial to maintain these deltas. Drawing from our knowledge, research, facilities, and our scientist’s expertise, we can improve the whole process from design to implementation. HRI is supporting stakeholders and decision makers examining their designs and further assessing environmental impacts based on coastal standards and measures. The construction of coastal structures are costly. Hence, those structures have to be designed to operate safely, efficiently and economically. In our studies, we mostly focus on minimizing the morphodynamic changes, the environmental impact and considering the reduction of cost and risks.

Focus areas:

 • Design of coastal structures and the analysis of accompanying hydro-morphodynamics.
 • Shoreline changes and sandbar dynamics.
 • Storm surge modeling.
 • Sand-motor and beach nourishment.
 • Estuarine circulation in lagoons and river estuaries.
 • Buoyant plumes in marine environments.