Infrastructure is an integral part of any civilized community. Dams, head regulators, Locks, weirs, pumping stations and other hydraulic structures are examples of infrastructure that is central to the operation of the water-ways. The construction and maintenance cost of infrastructure is steep in price and rapidly increasing. Hence, insuring a cost-effective and efficient design and operation for infrastructure is important for the safety and welfare of communities. HRI has been providing consultancy service, design and analysis in this specific area for decades, addressing the challenges of construction and maintenance of high-quality, durable and cost-efficient infrastructure.

Focus areas:

 • Design and analysis of power plant cooling systems (intakes and outfalls) constructed on river, channels or offshore coastal areas
 • The environmental impact of thermal plumes in riverine and coastal waterways (Recirculation and plume dispersion studies, including environmental effects.)
 • Design and analysis of inlet and outlet system
 • Design and analysis of heading-up structures including their upstream and downstream protection (dams, regulators, barrages, weirs, culverts, siphons)
 • Design an operation of ship-lock systems
 • Hydraulics related to coastal structures (jetties, breakwater, harbors and ports)
 • Design of pipe networks required for irrigation systems
 • Hydraulic efficiency of pump stations and protection against water hammer