The Calibration and Instrumentation Department (CID) is one of the active departments of the Hydraulics Research Institute (HRI) Calibration section (CS) calibrates all Type of current meters and all type scientific equipment. CS depends on its highly experienced staff for its success together with a long updated list of instruments and computer software. CS is providing its services to the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Directorates and all Nile basin Countries we will be pleased to welcome you at our department and anywhere. Scope of work and services provided by CS:-

1. Instruments:

a. Maintenance of all hydraulic instruments (velocity measurements – bed drawing – levels measurements – pressure measurements – temperature measurements – humidity measurements – wave height measurements).
b. Furnishing all hydraulic test models with the required hydraulic instruments.
c. Calibration of flow, levels .... etc measurement instruments.
d. Preparing the technical specifications and setting the tender documents for all hydraulic instruments used by HRI, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources or any other organization.

2. Calibration of different types of current meters:

a. Propeller type velocity measurement instruments (current meters) for both model and field applications.
b. Magnetic current meter instruments.
c. Maintenance and repair of all types of current meters.
d. Preparing the technical specifications for all the required velocity measurement instruments according to the requirements of the different sectors.

Different types of current meters:

AOTT current meters one of oldest type was used for pump station calibration

Braystoke current flow meter is used stream river gauging

Electromagnetic current meter for river type Flo-mate model 2000 portable water flow meter.

Electromagnetic current meter for river Model AEM1-D.